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In a time when land development regulations have become more stringent and complicated, you can count on the staff of Engineers, Land Surveyors and Land Development Consultants at InLand Design to overcome challenging obstacles and obtain quick approvals for your construction projects!


​InLand Design was founded in 2009 by Chuck Dobson, Todd Harmon and Roman Dychdala with the goal of providing more efficient and personal engineering for builders, developers and homeowners.


The world of Land Development has become very complicated. From simple house additions to large scale commercial developments, our clients need a consultant they can rely on to give them solid answers, and professional respresentation.


Our staff works with a variety of entities, including non-profit, corporate, retail and homeowners. Regardless of size, it is our goal to guide our clients to successful completion of their land development goals.

Civil engineers, land surveyors & land development consultants
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