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Todd A. Harmon (Vice-President, CIO)  (


With over 25 years of CAD experience, Todd has extensive design and drafting experience.  He began his career as a CAD technician, working on Land & Mechanical plans.  As a designer and draftsman with a wealth of knowledge, he later went on to manage the quality control of drawing sets for submission to township and county agencies.  Todd possesses extensive knowledge on the intricacies of site development analysis and site exhibit creation. 


Todd is well known for his detailed and precise 2D, 3D and 3D video exhibits as well as his colored renderings.  Additionally Todd has extensive experience with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and other regional mapping software applications. 


With project experience in all of southeastern Pennsylvania, he is well-versed in the needs and importance of having a comprehensive database of the location and elevation of existing infrastructure.       

Civil engineers, land surveyors & land development consultants
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